About Dibbs Sourdough in Buffalo NY

Meet the humans behind the bread…

About Us

Dibbs Sourdough is owned & operated by Andrew & Mariah

Andrew’s the baker/experimentor & Mariah is basically everything else 😜

Both originally from WNY, but decided to move to the mountains of North Carolina in 2022 for a year, to explore & reset.

During that time, Mariah stumbled into the world of sourdough baking. Mainly because being on a mountain, there wasn’t much else to do lol. What started as a hobby for her, quickly inspired Andrew to start baking himself.

His sourdough experiments turned quickly into an obsession, and now, a year later we’re both excited to bring all of his sourdough breads & bakes back to WNY to give people a taste of the deeper flavor that sourdough provides.

Why Sourdough tho?

It's not just the taste we love...

The sourdough fermentation process gives our bread & baked goods a rich flavor and slight tanginess, all thanks to wild yeast and bacteria doing their thing. This old-school method not only makes the bread taste amazing but also boosts its nutrition and makes it easier to digest compared to regular bread.

Our products are each fermented for 12-36+ hours (the length of fermentation time depends on the product), which helps break down the gluten, making our sourdough products more digestible and also gives them that tangy taste we all love.

👉 All of our products are made exclusively using a wild sourdough culture (aka the sourdough starter). None of our products contain commercial or instant yeast, conditioners, or preservatives.

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