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Location: Buffalo, NY

Hours: Presale pick-up only. 

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How to Place an Order

Since we operate out of our home kitchen, we have to do things a bit differently. We’re a presale & pick-up only type of business.

#1. Sign up for notifications

We use a platform called HotPlate to help us with our menu drops & ordering. Sign up with your phone number to get added to our list. Once the next menu drops, you'll get a text to your phone so you get first dibbs!

#2. Once ordering opens, snag your goods

Once ordering opens, choose the sourdough products you'd like, along with your pick-up timeframe for the predetermined day. After you check out, kick back knowing your products are being made fresh to order!

#3. Pick-up your order

On pick-up day, you'll receive a text to remind you about your order. Stop by our porch (address given to you after you order) and snag your goods anytime within the window you chose. Enjoy!

Get on the list, so you can get dibbs.